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About us

Building Tomorrow's Enterprise

Metalkraft is one of the leading Manufacturer of Cold Roll Formed Sections, focused on building tomorrow's enterprise. Metalkraft enables clients all over the Country with outperform on competition and stay ahead of the manufacturing curve. With more than 114Crores (FY' 2012-13) revenues and 250+ loyal, dedicated and Highly skilled work force, Metalkraft provides enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. With continuous enhancement and customer focus, Metalkraft is building a Bigger& Better Tomorrow in Engineering Industry.

The History

In 2002, an young entrepreneurs having clear vision, commitment and long stand experience in cold roll forming Industry started Metalkraft Roll Forming Industries in a rented premises at Bachupally, Hyderabad with just 1crore turn over FY03. From the beginning, the company was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance their business through our engineering solutions on CRF Sections.

After 8years of continuous efforts and focus on customer needs, Metalkraft Enhanced its Facilities - empowering Men, Machine, Method Material & Money and in the year 2010 shifted the operations to its own premises at IDA-Pashamylaram which is around Hyderabad. called as UNIT-1 "Plot No.13 Phase-IV Extension, IDA-Pashamylaram, Medak District, AP-502307". On going trend of growth and progress, Metalkraft added new Manufacturing Facilities to cater the requirements for Decking Sheets and Cladding/Roofing Sheets in the year 2011. After a decade journey, Metalkraft crossed its Turnover more than 114Crores (FY' 2012-13)

In view of uptrend of growth, increasing market requirements & Customer demand with timely delivery, in 2013 Metalkraft started operations of unit-2 which is opposite to existing unit-1 in the year 2012 "Plot No.8 Phase-IV Extension, IDA-Pashamylaram, Medak District, AP-502307".

Metalkraft Today

Metalkraft is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company having its manufacturing facility with 125000 square feet covered space c with two units at IDA-Pashamylaram near Hyderabad, with a Manufacturing capacity of 4500MT per Month. Metalkraft is now a leading Manufacturer of Cold Roll Formed Sections in India catering its Business line in Automobile, Infrastructures, Power Plant (Thermal & Solar).

Metalkraft recognize the importance of Customer relationships and continually strive to further improvement on Quality, Delivery and Services.

Metalkraft is a Quality driven Company and look forward to serve more Customer with its Products and Services