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Product Applications  Automobile Engineering

Cold Roll Formed Automobile Sections are roll-formed from CR of Grade IS 513 Grade-D, DD & EDD and HR of IS 2062 Grade-A. These sections have many uses for load body panels used for LCVs / MCVs, as well as HR sections for assembly of side, front floor and door panels. Dimensions (width, thickness, length) vary from model to model. Materials are sent as per vehicle sets, so that they are easy to assemble.

Automobile Sector

  • Floor and side panels for LCVs and HCVs.
  • Various sectional members for all types of commercial vehicles.

112P Panels

Metalkraft Cold Formed Panels are available in BMT of 0.50 - 0.80 mm depending on the profile type. The material used is IS 513 Grade-D with 240 MPa minimum yield stress


The materials used is IS 513 Grade-D with (240 MPa minimum yield stress).

Sectional PropertiesTolerances

Plain Channel Section

Depending on the section type, our cold-formed Plain Channel Sections are available as either zinc coated in BMT of 1.50 - 3.15 mm or uncoated in BMT 1.50 - 6.0 mm. The materials used is IS 10748 grade-II, IS 5986 or IS 2062 Grade-A with 240 - 345 Mpa minimum yield stress.


The materials used to IS 10748 grade-II , IS 5986 or IS 2062 Grade-A with 240Mpa to 345 Mpa minimum yield stress.

Sectional Properties
Sectional Properties

Web : [D] ± 1 mm
Flange : [B] ± 1 mm
Lip : [C] ± 1 mm
Length : [L] ± 5 mm
Thick : [t] ±0.05 mm
Bow : 1mm/Mtr
Camber : 1mm/Mtr
Twist : 1mm/Mtr