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These are horizontal structural members in a roof. They support loads from the roof deck/sheathing, and are commonly used in metal building systems. Being important structural elements, they must be manufactured exactly to specification.

PURLINS are thin-gauge lightweight construction elements produced by roll forming which are mainly used as roof purlins, but also as secondary girders. Purlins can be produced in an infinite variation, ranging from the smallest to the largest possible profile type, and in different overall heights.


» CR STEEL as per IS 513 Grade
» HR STEEL as per IS 1079; IS 10748; IS 2062: IS 5986
» GALVANIZED STEEL as per IS 277; ASTM A 653 (80gsm - 550gsm)


» High Rise Buildings
» Multiplexes/Commercial Buildings
» Power Plant Buildings
» Office Buildings
» Mezzanine Floors in Industrial Buildings
» Warehouses


» Very high strength-to-weight ratio; high strength, low cost.
» 40% saving in steel; 30% saving in overall construction cost.
» Easy and low-cost handling and transportation.
» Economy due to reduction in dead weight on main frame structure.
» Significantly reduces installation time.
» Ability to span long lengths.
» No site drilling or cutting required.
» Maintenance-free owing to application of proper surface finish.
» Factory-finished, cut to exact lengths with pre-punched holes to avoid time and material wastage.
» Continuous splay and splicing for better structural strength, stability and economy.
» 450 lip for better sectional modulus and easy nesting

TYPE - Range

PURLIN Thickness Web Height [mm] Flange width [mm] Yield Strength  Finish
Z PURLINS 1.2mm - 3.15mm 100-300 60-75 200-450Mpa Zinc coated/Uncoated(Black)/Primer Coated
LIP CHANNELS 1.2mm - 3.15mm 100-300 40-75 200-450Mpa
PLAIN CHANNELS 1.20mm - 6.0mm 40-300 40-100 200-450Mpa
ANGLES 1.20mm - 5.0mm 40-100 40-100 200-450Mpa


Sag Rods, Cleats, Sleeves, Eve Struts will be supplied along with Purlins


• Our Technical department offers comprahassive advisory of service on design & Detailing of Purlins based on Shop drawings of site
• Purlins can be pre-punched in our factory. This makes construction on-site faster and easier.
• Holes are made after production at continuous line
• For HR Purlins, Paint of Red Oxide Primer/Grey Primer will be applied as per request
• Design & supply of Cleats/Sleeves/sag rods in addition to purlins