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Metalkraft manufactures purlins and girts from different grades of quality steel with requisite yield strength to minimize weight while maximizing capacity. We make a wide range of structural ZED and CEE purlins and girts for industrial buildings, storage sheds, garages, car ports, etc., where strong reliable steel framing is required.


Metalkraft can make more than 500 different profiles for use in diverse applications including:

  • ZED/CEE Purlins for Industrial Buildings, Storage Sheds etc.
  • Collecting Electrodes for Electro Static Precipitators
  • Roofing & Decking Sheets for Construction Sector
  • Door & Window Frame Sections for Construction Sector
  • Sections and Panels for Automobile Sector
  • Sections for Furniture & Electrical Industry
  • Sections for Solar Power Structures
  • Sections for Conveyors and General Engineering.

Metalkraft can develop sections of any size / shape / length / material specified by customers.

We can make strips of width ranging from 30 mm - 1220 mm, and thickness ranging from 0.40 mm - 6.00 mm.

Apart from CR / HR sections, Metalkraft can also supply sections using pre-galvanized, pre-painted, stainless steel and other materials.

Based on customers' specifications, we can supply sections with post-forming operations like drilling, punching, slotting and notching.